Claudio Gotti

Claudio Gotti was born in 1957 in A.S. Salvatore and completed his studies at the Carrara Academy. He also attended renowned drawing and art schools of famous Italian artists.

Even his early works earned him acclaim. He has subsequently won numerous important art competitions in Italy, arousing immense interest in his works from gallery owners and private collectors.

In his abstract compositions, he uses a deliberately reduced colour palette to model and paint structures of single-colour surfaces that have a meditative power. His figures and landscapes evoke feelings of great imaginary sensation and sensibility.

He himself says: "I have not yet managed to paint a picture as I would like to!" This is not just his sympathetic modesty, but rather his demand for perfection.

Today, Gotti’s works can be found in private and public collections, particularly in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the USA.