Gil Kanoui

Born in 1959 in Limoges/France.

In her pictures she illustrates every day life, in a plain and wonderful- and in an intimate and general way.

Feelings are being expressed, which are strengthen by the use of an unexpected choice of colours.

After she visited the art academy the painter started to develop her own painting style. Now she favours acrylic and pastel techniques.

Expositions in France, Milan, Pavia and Ancona.

Besides illustrating her personal impressions of landscapes, still lifes and flowers of the Provence she works abstractly.

She exposes her works regularly for many years.

Paintings of landscapes and still lifes are the actual genres of the artist.

In her paintings one can perceive her feeling for structures and colours, especially for the light of Mediterranean regions.

She manages sensibly to connect informal structures with an appealing landscape painting.

Her sensitive and highly individual paintings provide a peaceful and ruminant atmosphere.