Günther Georg Burr

Born in Würzburg on August 31st, 1943. His father was the artlocksmith Johannes Christian Burr. Due to that he got to know art in handcraft from his youth on. He got his first support from Prof. Büchel in Würzburg who instructed him in painting and drawing. Since 1964 he was instructed by the painter Dieter Lukas-Larsen in Düsseldorf on whose payroll he had been. Lukas-Larsen had been one of Kokoschka’s students. At that time he concentrated on the classic oil- and watercolour painting. Nevertheless, he experimented with large area painting and cooperated with galleries and art shops.

From 1969 on he had his own studio in Karlstadt am Main. The themes in his paintings are mainly Frankish landscapes. In his paintings he manages to obtain the romanticism of the Frankish landscapes and villages although he mainly uses impressionistic characteristics.

Since 1980 the painter lives in Franken, after he had been living in Würzburg and Regensburg. His works show a big variety in the use of different painting techniques and ways of expression. They range from conservative oil painting, over abstractly designed themes and smooth watercolour paintings, to airbrushed collages.

Over the last years he developed more and more abstractions which inhere an eruptive character. They are often associated with profoundness, nativeness and eternity. The painter’s opinion is that paintings should always be positive attendants in human environment, no matter how emotional they are. Irritating provocations are not intended by the artist and do not refer to his style.