Heinz Schölnhammer

Heinz Schölnhammer was born in 1940 in Vienna, where he absolved an art study. Following education-trips to Austria, Germany, Holland and Italy contributed to enlarge the sphere of action and to build up contacts with famous artists.

In these days he is valued by connoisseurs among the most popular painters of the figural art. He is a dreamer with brush and colour. A romantic impressionist, so say connoisseurs.

An exact stylistic definition of his work is rather difficult and also would not be in the sense of the painter.
Today the artist is more and more engaged in new realism, hyperrealism, that style, which is definitely one of the most pretentious in art.
You will discover a well developed knowledge of culture and a marked personality in his seeming naturalism. A typical characteristic of his work are the used colours and light and shadow are growing up to a great expression by the help of a perfect chromatic.
The yearning after a harmonic world picture becomes leitmotiv and ambition of this artist. His enthusiasm for painting focuses on the beautiful, a continuous challenge that attendants his life and work. The theme of the works of art is consistently the attempt to compare the figurative with the untouchable, wide field of romantic atmosphere. Representional art can be regarded as a parable of the interplay of spirit and matter.
A great advantage of realistic painting is, the artist can illustrate his view of life and humans’ position in the cosmos because of using subtile techniques finest nuances of zeitgeist can be realized.
We wish all friends of Heinz Schölnhammer’s timeless art a lot of joy and high spirits looking at his work.
In his paintings the artist communicates joy, vitality and romantic atmosphere in an immediate way.

The artist had exhibitions in Vienna, Munich, Mittenwald, Bielefeld, Lausanne, Rome, Baden-Baden, Naturns, Dorf Tirol, Meran, Vicenza, Düsseldorf, Sylt, Heilbronn, Los Angeles, Portofino, San Franzisco, Venezia.