Born in 1943 in Teheran. He is descended from the famous artist family Rahnavardkar. (Grandfather, Brother Anoush). The artist paints since he is 16.

1959 bestowal of the Persian – French RASI award for painting, one year later he won his first award for sculpture.

The talent was further educated by Zöllner and Huber in Munich. Impressionism became his form of artistic expression. Today, he is one of the leading painters of this style of art. In 1966 he began a series of very successful expositions in the ARSEN- gallery in Teheran. Madjid now lives in Munich for more than 25 years and belongs to the most prestigious painters of Munich’s art scene. His works can already be seen in the major art collections in Europe, America and Asia.

Expositions: Residence in Munich – Bad Homburg – Freiburg im Breisgau – Sylt – Stuttgart – Neu-Isenburg – Baden-Baden – Werl in Westfalia – Starnberg – Bielefeld – Hamm-Rhynern – Palma de Mallorca - Vienna