Mario Malfer

Mario Malfer was born on 1 July 1941 in Garda. He attended the Institute of Fine Art and studied at the free Art Academy of Vittorio Viviani, Gino Meloni’s academy and the "Paolo Borsa" college in Monza.

He is well known for numerous personal exhibitions and for participating in various group exhibitions. Malfer has taken part in numerous important competitions with great success; the "Arte" prize he won in 1998 deserves special mention here. This is one of the most important national competitions, due to the number and quality of participants, as well as the demanding standards set by the panel of judges. On winning the prize, he exhibited his work in September 1998 in the "Finarte" in Milan and Rome. Exacting analysis of Malfer’s works has shown him to be one of the most interesting and gifted artists of the new generation.

Mario Malfer's works can be admired throughout Italy and in Germany and the USA:

Mario Malfer in Bielefeld